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About Us

Minzim Hardware specializes in the manufacture of custom sheet metal parts and metal stamping parts. It has been engaged in non-standard custom production of durable metal parts for 15 years. Minzim takes advanced manufacturing & processing equipment and highly active management system to serve global customers with relatively low price and decent quality. To assist customers in supplying quality sheet metal fabrication and stamping services, Minzim offers a cost-effective one stop solution from concept to delivery.

In sheet metal processing and metal stamping, repeatable precision is everything. That is why, at Minzim, we are driven to constantly pursue even higher levels of quality. Relying on continuous innovation and strong manufacturing capabilities, Minzim cuts, forms, welds, coats and assembles any sheet metal and stamping projects, which manufactures exactly what customers envision, creates according to customers specific needs and in-house stringent standards.

Minzim currently established a modern manufacturing workshop which covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, takes state of the art production equipment and workmanship to match latest sheet metal fabrication and stamping services, while our talented team is excited to be your partner, provides an easy-to-use online quotation system ensuring on-time feedbacks for global buyers.

Minzim’s products are widely used in electronics, medical, furniture, household appliances, sports equipment and other industries. The factory strictly implements a series of quality standards (GB, DIN, JIS, AISI and ISO), which is also certified by ISO9001:2015 and RoHs. Minzim is committed to working with customers collaboratively in a spirit of mutual respect, to find ways to improve your existing plans and get the very best out of our products.