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Compound Die Stamping

Compound die stamping is completed by compound die, which is an advanced stamping technique developed on the basis of single process, and it is also an important processing method for metal forming. In one stroke of stamping machine, the die can simultaneously finish two or more different processes at the same station, such as blanking & punching, blanking & bending, blanking & drawing, etc. Rich experience and skilled workers allow Minzim to manufacture a wide range of custom compound die stamping parts with various metal material,

Compound die stamping is suitable for manufacturing simple flat parts such as washers. A metal strip is fed through the single station of compound die, which cuts or punches out parts in a single stroke. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency and high processing accuracy. It also provides a cost-effective way to quickly produce simple parts with high repeatability.

Compound die stamping is also an excellent choice for medium to high volume production runs. Compared with multiple strokes, it can separate or blank parts from a metal strip in one stroke, and performs multiple cuts or punches efficiently and accurately. Production speed depends on the part size, but compared to progressive die stamping, it reduces production time by eliminating the need for multiple stamping stations. Its main advantages are:

1.Fast Speed. It can produce a part every 2 or 3 seconds, or thousands of parts per hour.
2.High Efficiency. It can cut complex parts all in one stroke, deleting the need for multiple dies and reducing tooling costs.
3.Good repeatability. It can ensure consistency and accuracy, and achieve flatness and good dimensional stability by creating parts in one stroke.
5.Reduced waste.  
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Customized Compound Die Stamping made in China is advanced. As a professional China Compound Die Stamping manufacturers, Minzim takes advanced manufacturing & processing equipment and highly active management system to serve global customers with relatively low price and decent quality. If you need, we also support quotations. Our products are very durable, you can rest assured to buy our products with confidence. For more information, contact us now. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.