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Deep Drawing

Minzim is a deep drawing parts factory in China with over 15 years experience. Deep drawing is a kind of sheet metal forming process. By using molds and stamping machines, sheet metal blank is radially drawn into various open hollow parts or open hollow blank is reduced in diameter and increased in height. The process can be used to manufacture irregularly shaped thin-walled metal stamping parts, such as cylindrical, box-shaped, stepped, spherical, conical and parabolic. If combined with other stamping processes, more complex shapes parts can also be manufactured.

Deep drawing process has the characteristics of high productivity, high material utilization, certain dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness. Virtually all manufacturing industries have the potential to benefit from deep drawing manufacturing processes. In mass production, it is particularly advantageous since unit cost decreases considerably as unit count increases. The technique can manufacture parts with various shapes and sizes, from hollow rivets as small as a few millimeters to household aluminum cans, cookware, kitchen sinks, and other industrial products.

Deep drawing can produce non-scratched parts regardless of the thickness of sheet and the complexity of tooling. High forming pressure ensures close tolerance parts direct from the stamping machine with little or no secondary hand work required. The flange region, sheet metal in the mold shoulder area, is subjected to radial tensile stress and tangential compressive stress due to the material retention property, which will result in flange wrinkles, which can be prevented by using a blank holder. The function of holder is to facilitate controlled material flow into the mold radius.

Deep drawing can be applied to a large number of metals that can efficiently be subjected to the process. Currently, almost all regular metals are used to manufacture deep drawing products, including but not limited to alloys, aluminum, brass, copper, iron, silver, stainless steel, etc. 
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