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Single Die Stamping

Single die stamping is done through a single operation die, and is usually used for low-production simple operations involving cutting or forming processes. In one stroke of punching machine, only one process of punching or blanking is completed, and the press operator is required to load and unload parts and part material before and after each press cycle. Single die stamping also commonly produce basic forms as well as perform notching and lancing operations. As a professional manufacturer in China, Minzim has enough capabilities and skilled people to finish well.

Single die stamping relies on a single process to produce parts consistent with customer requirements. It is suitable for parts with simple shapes, low accuracy requirements, and unlimited workpiece dimensions. It can also effectively produce small and large batches of large and medium-sized parts. Some of advantages associated with single die stamping services include:
1.Low mold cost;
2.Low complexity;
3.Low material loss;
4.Cost-effective production;
5.Fast return on investment;  
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Customized Single Die Stamping made in China is advanced. As a professional China Single Die Stamping manufacturers, Minzim takes advanced manufacturing & processing equipment and highly active management system to serve global customers with relatively low price and decent quality. If you need, we also support quotations. Our products are very durable, you can rest assured to buy our products with confidence. For more information, contact us now. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.